Reallocate State Funding Budget

PRE-PROPOSAL 1. Media Artifact

2. Persona and POV statement

Persona name: Mia Jones

Age: 20

School/Occupation: Pre-Med Major, University of Michigan 

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan   

Quote: "I’m never going to escape my student debt. It will be with me forever."    



  • Michigan was her dream school and took out student loans to pursue an education in medicine to hopefully one day become a doctor. 

  • Works two jobs: Day job at Espresso Royale and Night Job at Brown Jug Restaurant

  • Both parents work Blue Collar jobs in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  • Wants to get into grad school (hopefully with another scholarship) and begin working in the real work with as little debt as possible

  • Do well in school, while balancing both jobs and extracurricular activities

  • Apply and receive additional scholarships to help pay for her education

POV Statement:​

Mia, a motivated, overwhelmed pre-med student that needs to find a way to avoid having student debt for years after college because she is aware that she must attend many more years of Med School thus increasing her debt even more, especially with tuition prices rapidly increasing! 


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