Racial Injustice in Youth Criminal Justice System

Several reports and studies have found that racial injustice is very prevalent in the US juvenile criminal justice system. Minorities are not treated the same as others when it comes to being accused of committing crimes and when it comes to how they are treated in court. 

Building Blocks for Youth did research that showed that although African Americans represent 15% of the population nationwide, this segment makes up 26% of juvenile arrests. Within this 26%, we see that 44% of these youth are detained, 46% of youth are judicially waived to criminal court, and 58% are admitted to state prisons. Researchers regarding discrimination in the criminal justice system has isolated and examined several decision-making points, including arrest, bail, jury selection, conviction, and sentencing. 

How can we prevent discrimination in our youth criminal justice system? What role does the state of Michigan have in making sure there is equality in such decisions and race never comes into the decision?