Public Safety and Crime...

Public Safety and Crime concentrated in areas in Michigan are an extreme threat facing the state. Despite crime state wide reducing over the years, many cities in Michigan are top in the country in crime. Specifically cities like Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Pontiac are all among the most dangerous cities in the nation. To have a handful of cities within one state ranking deadlier than almost any city in any state poses significant issues to the overall well being of the state. "Detroit’s violent crime rate of 2,072 per 100,000 residents was the highest in the nation last year. This is despite the fact that the violent crime rate fell from 2,123 incidents per 100,000 people in 2012. Further, there were a total of more than 300 murders in Detroit last year, also among the worst figures nationwide. Like many other dangerous cities, Detroit residents are quite poor. A typical household earned less than $25,000 in 2013, and nearly 41% of people lived in poverty, both the worst figures among large U.S. cities. The region’s history of high crime rates may have encouraged residents over the years to take their protection into their own hands". Flint also has been ranked top 10 in the nation in past years.

All of this information being said, I have a couple of questions to the Caucus to spark discussion. Why specifically is Michigan home to multiple of the nation's deadliest cities? What are the root causes of this wide spread crime? What should be done to reduce crime in these cities? How does this effect the state as a whole?