Protecting Students from School Shootings

With the rate of mass shootings tripling since 2011, protecting students from active-shooters has been one of the most important and controversial topics to date. There is strong support to make policy changes to help protect children in schools from potential shooters; a particular topic that is heavily debated is whether or not teachers/school-officers should be allowed to carry guns.

Proponents for teachers carrying guns would argue that a properly trained and armed adult adds a layer of security that could respond immediately in the case of an active shooter in a school. Additionally, locations known for having on-site armed security are far less likely to experience an attack.

However, others have taken the opposite approach, saying that schools should be perceived as a safe place where students want to be, and the presence of a gun on school grounds will convey the opposite message. Additionally, having a gun in school may be safer when there is an active shooter, but it makes schools far less safe at any other point in time; the presence of guns in any environment is the single biggest risk for harm due to guns.

At the end of the day, both parties want children to be as safe as possible in school, but their approaches to achieving this are radically different. What approach do you think would be most effective in keeping children safe at school? What can Michigan schools do to promote gun safety and prevent school shootings?