Proposals with good examples found in other states

Brandon Persico (TC)'s picture

Hi everyone, 

Congrats on completing your proposals and doing amazing research into problems and proposing solutions that face students in Michigan on a daily basis. There is a wide range of topics that deal with issues that have previously not been addressed in past MSC platforms. You all should be proud of your hard work!

I want to take the time to acknowledge some proposals that went the extra mile in researching solutions that have been implemented in other states across the country as examples of what could and should be done back here in Michigan. I believe these examples will give the legislatures and guests on the committee hearing panel a better understanding of what a solution could look like in Michigan as well as the practicality of a problem being resolved in the form of a law/program. I encourage others to take a look at the following proposals and consider finding other examples of your solutions in other places as it will only help make your case stronger and more viable to argue. 

1. Charter School Regulation by Drew: Drew has done a fantastic job consulting with people who directly work in places that have the digital infrastructure in place that emulates the solution he wants to see happen here in Michigan. Likewise, this helped influence how to set up the funding for his proposal and communities in nearby states that have been successful in achieving a website for all charter schools (his example leads to Chicago's solution). 

2. After School Programs in Michigan by Brianna: Brianna references a lottery program in Tennessee that is similar to Michigan's already in place system, but the small difference is something Michigan should consider in order to properly reallocate funds for al programs and not just those in line with "k-12 education."

3. Drhuv's proposal about public transportation in the Metro Detroit area (Drhuv you will want to come up with a more formal proposal name beyond just "Pre-Proposal"): Drhuv gives ample data and information regarding a public-private solution mass-transportation that works in Portland, OR and how the structure could be built into what's already available in Detroit (regarding the Q-Line). 

There were a number of proposals that factored statistics from across the country and referenced other states successes and failures in comparison to Michigan, however, these three, in my opinion, did their best job of sourcing solutions and ideas that were already in place and practice elsewhere as a guiding light to what it is they want to see done here at home. For some of you, it may be hard finding precedents elsewhere, but, even suggesting what not to do in relation to what another state has done can actually help your case too. If some are concerned with the validity of your proposal, I strongly encourage you to do some small additional research and find examples of how your ideas can become practical responses to the problems you have spent much effort on researching. I would love to hear what others think and if you are considering including other instances from across the country, please share them here so we can see the progress being made.