Proposals and more

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Schedule for the rest of the term

Please note these important dates:

  • April 5: Final Draft of proposal due.

  • April 6 - April 10 (4 PM): Rating of proposals and related discussion.

  • April 18: House Commission hearing in Lansing (9 -10:30 AM, Capitol Bldg., Room 426)

  • April 20: Final summary/portfolio due by midnight.


Proposal Check-In Meetings

If you’ve not yet done so, please be sure to schedule a meeting to come to office hours to discuss your proposal with one of the faculty. TC office hours are also being posted -- see the “events” section for details.


Connecting Discussion Threads with Proposals

As we move into the final weeks of MSC, you should continue to post and respond to discussion threads, but know that the topics of those discussions should be related wherever possible to proposal topics, giving you an opportunity to further explore issues of direct relevance to your Caucus work. Use the discussion threads as an opportunity to solicit ideas and ask questions of other caucus members that could help strengthen your proposal (and of course, please respond helpfully to others).


Commenting on Other People’s Proposals

You should be commenting on proposals written by your colleagues, offering them your thoughts about their proposals, raising questions, and seeking clarification where warranted. This is another place where you can do some of your weekly posting, and in keeping with the spirit of the caucus we want to be offering each other support and feedback.



You should be talking to your consultants now if not sooner.  Good consultations are crucial to a strong proposal. Seek out people that are likely to challenge your ideas, add important information, and expand your perspective. For suggestions about how to find good consultations, see this guide written by two topic coordinators last year.


Proposals--Post your work as you go

We know that it may stretch your comfort zone a bit to publicly post work-in-progress, but to the maximum degree possible *please* do your work on your proposal on the MSC site (rather than in a private google doc that you only post on April 5th). We make this request so that we can optimally help one another to do our best work. In this connection, please reach out to your TCs (and the faculty) for help and feedback at any step along the way.


Grading Rubric--Self Check

By way of reminder, there is a full Grading Rubric in the Course Syllabus. We encourage you to use it to gauge/self-assess your performance to date.


Transportation to (the mandatory) House Commission hearing in Lansing, April 18.  

Please note that you are responsible to arrange your own transportation to the mandatory hearing in Lansing. In order to leave enough time for traffic, finding parking and making your way to Room 426 in the Capitol Building, you should leave Ann Arbor by 7:00 AM.