Proposal rating and discussion has started

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With the exception of Innovation Academy students finishing their proposals, all MSC activity now should be focused on rating individual proposals and discussing the relative merits of proposals, with the aim of deciding which proposals should be part of the MSC platform. Continue this activity through noon on Tuesday, November 27. (UM students, you may take time off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but NOT the entire week.)


  • See this screencast for detailed instructions about how to rate proposals.
  • In order to maximize the impact of your ratings, you should give a "1" to the proposal(s) that you think least worthy of being in the platform (even if it has some merit), a "10" to the proposal(s) you think most worthy (even if it’s not perfect), and then spread out the others in between.
  • Please rate every proposal in the Caucus that is complete. Proposals can be found easily by clicking the "proposals" tab in each topic area group.
  • Please be sure that each of your ratings is properly recorded. The rating slider can be a little "touchy," so after moving it the first time, if you do not see a small message under the slider saying "Your vote:...", try moving the slider again.
  • The “Platform Discussion” group has been started and is now visible on the home page. 
  • Criterial for rating and platform discussion can be found in the previous announcement and in the Platform Discussion group description.