PROPOSAL for getting more MENTAL THERAPY for juvenile inmates

 Michigan Student Caucus Proposal Template for  Summers-Knoll Students 2019 Part 1: BACKGROUND AND RESEARCH PROCESS due Oct 22 Context


  1. What is a current bill or law that relates in some way to your proposal? Use the legislative database found here: HB 4802

  2. How would this bill make a difference in the lives of students across Michigan? 

    This affects students in Michigan by assuring them that they will only be restrained in a specific list of restraints that lets them move around if they need to.

  1. How and where did you learn about the issues underlying your proposal?

I found and read this at

  1. Link to your media artifact(s) giving background on the issue: I did a podcast on a different subject that relates if you restrained a child using unneeded force you can cause more emotional and mental distress. 


Research process


  1. To whom did you talk about this issue to learn more?

I talked to no one.

  1. What did you initially think about your topic and how did your thinking change over time?

I thought it couldn't be that bad but then bam I learn that 90% of the juvenile inmates have a mental issue that endangers them or other people. But also there are at least nine programs that help them.

  1. What was the most significant article/video/report/website that you used and how did it impact your research?  I had four articles that were very helpful in my artifact and they pretty much gave me all of my information and facts. My favorite article is in this link

  Part 2: FORMAL PROPOSAL due Oct 29 The sections below should comprise your final proposal language, submitted for consideration by your peers and potential inclusion in the MSC Platform. Preambulatory clauses

These set up the PROBLEM, not the solution.

WHEREAS…. the lack of mental therapy for juvenile inmates endangers citizens and juvenile prisoners.

WHEREAS.... This problem affects the community in a negative way for example if a juvenile inmate with mental issues goes back into a public area and causes trouble again they could be sent back.

WHEREAS.... There aren't enough funds for juvenile inmates with mental issues 93% of juvenile inmates report as having mental health issues. 3 out of 4 juvenile inmates have mental issues.


Operative clauses



1. Better mental health care for juvenile inmates in jails and detention centers.

2.bringing more attention to this subject through websites and the news.

3.we can get more funding for the therapy and care of juvenile inmates.



What are three reasonable arguments against this proposal?

1.there are enough programs helping juvenile inmates.

2.there aren't many juvenile inmates in need.

3.this will cost to much and youwont be able to get enough funds.

Costs and funding:
  1. What are some costs associated with your proposal? 


  1. How will you pay for your proposed bill? From what sources could the funding come?

I will raise funds and ask for money from the government

  1. Who (people or groups) might object to funding your proposal?

               The government and people who put money into the funds I make


List all websites, articles, reports, videos, or other resources you used to research for this project. You do not have to include formal citations. **Eighth graders only: After each source, write 1-2 sentences about why you chose this source and why you trusted it.

Well I trust this source because websites that have .gov in the link are usually trustworthy.

I trust this website because the information seems legitimate and it matches up with the similar info from other websites.

I trust this website because it has gov and ncbi.

I trust this website because it is a website about the annie e. Casey foundation which is a foundation dedicated to helping families and the community.


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