Proposal Final Draft Deadline Extended

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Proposal final draft deadline extended

The deadline for the proposal final drafts has been extended to 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 31. The rating and platform discussion period will then occur from April 1st through 8th, with the rest of the schedule remaining as planned.

Please use the extra proposal editing time to:

  • Get more consultations, especially -- and importantly -- talking directly with people on the phone or in person. The most successful proposals in the past have been informed by direct conversations with people who have special knowledge of the issue.

  • Flesh out the details of your proposal (exactly *what* you are asking the state to do and how).

  • Work on a good budget estimate -- how much will this cost to implement in total, and where will the money come from?

  • Exploring in more depth what state laws and programs exist now that relate to your proposal.

  • Exploring “devil’s advocate” perspectives and potential counter-arguments.

  • Get the language right in your “Whereas” and “Therefore” clauses -- look to the fall 2018 platform as a model.

  • Use the discussion areas to ask for input and advice from your MSC peers on aspects of your proposal that you are struggling with, and to get feedback on specific ideas.

  • Continue giving feedback to others, and help your MSC peers to do all of the above.

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