Proposal Feedback: Funding of Michigan School

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Proposal Feedback: "Proposal on Funding of Michigan Schools"

The current system that determines the allocation of funds for Michigan schools has created an inequity in our state. Ashley and Ali's proposal on the funding of Michigan schools presents some great first steps at addressing this shortfall. By reallocating additional funds to schools that have a specific number of "at-risk" student and through the creation of an after school program aimed at reinforcing learned material, Ashley and Ali provided two feasible solutions that could positively impact our education system.

I also enjoyed their inclusion of the criteria for what would determine an "at-risk" student.

The at risk students will be identified through an assessment of categories such as first generation student, impoverished family, physical or mental disability, and non-native English speaker.

This provides more clarity for their work, and it allows them to ensure their vision for the proposal would be acted out in the way intended if it were to become law. It also depicts their effort into the entire proposal process.

Through their thorough research, their detailed solutions, and their strong and descriptive consultants, it is very evident the hard-work that both Ashley and Ali have put into this proposal. That work paid off, as they offered a very strong solution that - in my opinion - should have the chance to be brought forward at the state capitol.