Proposal Feedback: Mental Health for Children

Cooper Siegel's picture

I really enjoyed reading Stefan and Troy's proposal, I think they did a great job researching and backing up their claims. Mental health is one of those problems that, unfortunately, will likely never resolve completely. I applaud the two for tackling this topic head-on, coming up with very creative solutions as well as relevant research. The group came up with solutions that have the potentially to work very well. They thought of implementing the topic of mental health awareness within high school curriculums, which I think would be extremely efficient in promoting awareness for this issue. Having mandatory sessions or classes for all students would ensure all were being educated on the topic, and I feel that a lack of knowledge and education about mental health is the reason it is such a continued issue. The stigma surrounding mental health is still present, and the issue will not start resolving until more people are educated about it, realizing how common and problematic it really is. 

Additionally, I think the two did a really nice job of selecting a House Bill that added value to their proposal. The group describes Michigan House Bill 5524 and its role it plays in attempting to solve mental health problems. The bill requires teachers to be trained regarding mental health, and have the ability to help students who may suffer from mental health problems. I think this bill was a great one to pick, as it's extremely relevant and helpful to their issue at hand. The bill illustrates how in prescribing certain responsibilities for agencies in the state, schools can generate enough cash flow to promote better mental health.

Overall, I think the two did a terrific job in their proposal. Their research was extremely well done and thorough and I think it really showed in their proposal. I would like to compliment the two on choosing a very interesting and difficult topic to speak about - I think they did a terrific job.