Proposal Feedback: Combatting Illegal Gun Violence

Ashley Gorman's picture


Thank you for bring this issue to the caucus. Gun violence has become such a pervasive issue in the United States and across the world, so I am happy to see you wanted to take on this difficult problem. I really enjoyed reading your proposal and your ideas for how to combat gun violence. I think your gun buy-back program is a really interesting idea, one that I have not heard as much about. I think it could have been helpful to disuss the implications of this program in greater depth because I do not quite understand how this will take guns out of dangerous people. I agree that it is important to reduce the number of guns and to offer safe ways for people to dispose of a gun they no longer want, however, I do not quite understand how this program would reduce the number of guns in the hands of people that will use them improperly. 

I think your consultations were really well done and provided a lot of perspective to bring to light some of these issues. I also think your proposal is extremely well crafted and is very in depth. I really like that you brought a more creative approach to the problem as well. As I mentioned, the only thing I would have liked to hear a little bit more about is how this will impact students and reduce the number of people who are using guns with malintent. 

Great work overall!