Proposal Check Meetings; 3 Solutions; Consultations; Town Hall Meetings; and More

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"Proposal Check” Meeting with MSC Faculty: Sign Up Now

Some of you in EDUC 362 have still not scheduled a 20-minute meeting with a faculty member to discuss your proposal.  Please note that this meeting is mandatory for all EDUC 362 students and, as it is meant to offer you guidance and support in developing your proposal, it is to your advantage to schedule this sooner rather than later.  Please don’t leave this to the last minute, as we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate requests to meet at times other than posted hours. If you haven’t already done so please sign up here ASAP.

Three Potential Solutions

Don’t forget that the “Three Potential Solutions” step in your proposal crafting is due this coming Sunday, March 18. Please review the details about this step in the syllabus. We would like to emphasize especially that the three solutions should each be CREDIBLE and also substantially DISTINCT from the others. Make sure the solutions you propose all have merit -- at this point, you shouldn’t have a “favorite,” and keep in mind that you can eventually combine elements of the three solutions into your final proposal.

Consultations -- Start Finding Them Now!

Consultations are an important part of the proposal writing process. Think of your consultations as guidance for your evolving proposal idea as well as critical feedback on work already done. They should add different perspectives and knowledge, and push back on you ideas -- they should offer constructive criticism, not just credibility. Don’t wait until the last moment to get consultations, and you should add consultations along the way as you develop your proposal. You can also have more than three: indeed, the best proposals are often the product of multiple consultations.

Discussion Threads and Polls: Focus on Questions That Will Help Your Proposal

As the work of the MSC centers more and more on your proposals, we want to make sure the topical discussion threads help contribute to proposal development. In order to focus the discussions that way, we would like you to start threads that pose a question that will help you gain perspectives and outside ideas as you develop your proposal. It should be something that you’ve wondered about, are struggling with, or otherwise want feedback on as you have developed your proposal idea. Also, some of you have discovered the “polls” feature, and starting a poll can be a great way to get quick feedback about an idea that you are considering.

Upcoming Town Halls

Don’t miss the last two town hall meetings -- even if you have attended two or more already, these are sure to be enlightening and inspiring. Tomorrow (March 14) at 4pm in room 1315 of the School of Education (the “Whitney Room”), Julie Cassidy and Jenny Kinne will talk about “social determinants of health” -- all of the non-medical factors that affect the health of our citizens and communities. Sign up HERE.

On March 20th at 6pm in 2327 School of Education, UM Rebecca DeVooght of the U of M Government Relations office will discuss the process of writing good legislation as well as the process by which it can be passed in the state legislature. She will also share a number of resources that will help make your proposal legislation quality. This Town Hall is typically one of our most popular each semester. Sign up HERE.