Proposal check-ins and upcoming Town Halls

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Proposal check-in sign up (UM students only)

EDUC 362 students: Proposal check-in meetings will take place Oct. 17-26. Please sign up on this doc as soon as possible, to make a 20-minute appointment with faculty to talk about your evolving proposal.  If you are working with a partner, please choose a time when you can come in together.

Town Hall meetings

There are about a dozen different events that can count as town hall meetings this month, all listed in the EVENTS section. UM students, looking at the remaining listings, if your schedule is such that by the end of the month you will not have been able to attend at least two town hall events,* please contact the instructors right away.

*Reminder for UM Students (from the EDUC 362 course syllabus): You must attend and actively participate in at least two of these meetings during the semester. You should take notes and be prepared to document in your final portfolio at least one important thing you learned from each meeting attended.