Proposal check-in, final town halls, M-DICE

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Proposal check-in

Please be sure to sign up ASAP for a proposal check-in -- there are slots available between now and March 13. During this period we will not schedule faculty office hours, but if you would like to come in for a regular meeting (i.e., not talking specifically about your proposal), feel free to take one of the slots for that purpose as well (just make a note to that effect next to your name).

TCs also have office hours scheduled.

Persona/POV due Sunday, Feb. 24

As previously noted, see this document for instructions. You may also find it helpful to reference cards F6-F10 of the Design Mindset Cards.

Final town halls

There are several “counts as a town hall” events listed, plus a special opportunity outlined below. EDUC 362 students, please be sure to take advantage of the remaining scheduled events -- there will not be any more scheduled this semester.

M-DICE: A special opportunity for MSC members

The Michigan Democracy Institute for Civic Engagement (M-DICE) is an initiative led by UM political science major Nesreen Ezzeddine involving students from several universities in Michigan. While M-DICE is not officially affiliated with the MSC, it shares a goal of helping students to get their voice heard at the state level, and Nesreen has extended a special invitation to all MSC members.

You can get involved in one or both of the following ways:

  1. Attend one or more Engagement Nights on the campus of Henry Ford College in Dearborn, which are held every Wednesday 7-9pm through March 13.

  2. Attend a “Lobby Day” March 20, 8:30-3:30 in Lansing, and also a required training on the evening of March 14. Attendees must sign up using this form no later than this Friday.

The primary focus of M-DICE this year is on the topics of education and tolerance -- if you are focusing on either of these areas, you may find the perspectives and experiences of M-DICE members to be especially valuable.

For details about either or both of these opportunities, please email Nesreen at

Special credit for EDUC 362 students:

Attending an Engagement Night session can count as the equivalent of two town hall meetings (yes, even if you’ve already attended two, more is better).

Attending the March 20 Lobby Day and the required March 14 preparation session will give you an automatic 1-point boost to “background research and experiences” part of the grading rubric (yes, this can boost your score for that item above a 4, if you would have otherwise gotten a 3.5 or a 4 for that item).