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We have a platform!  

Based on the cumulative ratings by MSC members and the recommendations of the TCs and faculty, the following proposals have been entered into the Winter 2019 MSC Platform:

The following proposals did not make it into the platform, but will receive special mention from the TCs during the hearing:

If your proposal is not one of the above, do not despair -- each of you has contributed to the platform in important ways, and the special commission will have access to all of the proposals that have been created. Those who are not authors of a proposal in the platform will also be asked to make a special different contribution to the hearing (see below).

If your proposal is part of the platform:

The Topic Coordinators will soon be contacting proposal authors with instructions for preparing slides for the practice presentation (Tuesday, April. 16) and the hearing in Lansing on April 24.   

If you’re not presenting a proposal...

If you are not an author of a proposal in the platform, look back over your experience in the MSC and create three “Instagram posts” -- engaging images with a short phrase that represents in some way:

  • An insight

  • A different angle

  • A surprise

  • A question

  • Something that made you angry, upset, impassioned

A selection of these slides will be presented at the hearing as a way to represent ideas that did not make it into the formal platform. Add your images to this slide deck by the end of the night next Monday, April 15.  The Topic Coordinators will make a final judgment about which slides will be presented at the hearing.

Editing your proposal

All of  you can (and should) still make final edits to your proposals. Other than that, all online activity on the MSC site should end as of today.

The hearing

Later this week we will post detailed information about the hearing, but be sure to arrange transportation to Lansing for the morning of the 24th. UM students: you are responsible for your own transportation to and from Lansing, and you will need to depart Ann Arbor by approximately 6:45 am  in order to give yourself enough time to arrive, park and get situated at the Capitol Building by 8:30. If the weather looks iffy, please give yourselves additional time.

Final portfolios

UM students: your final portfolio is due Friday, April 26, and you can start working on it now if you wish. You will not be able to finish it, though, until after the hearing (since part of the portfolio is about your reflections on the hearing itself), and instructions for submission will be posted immediately after the hearing. (The portfolio template is here.)

Server downtime

Thank you for your patience while we struggled with server troubles. UM students, we will take the server downtime into account when assessing your frequency and volume of online activity between last Friday and today.