Persona/POV due tonight; 3 solutions due Friday

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Persona/POV due TONIGHT

Your persona and POV statement are due by midnight tonight -- please see previous announcements for details.

Three Potential Solutions

Having defined the problem you intend to address, and narrowing your focus with a composite Persona and POV statement,  this final preparatory step provides you the opportunity to show your ingenuity and breadth of perspective in addressing the problem at hand. By Friday, February 28, you must detail three possible solutions to the problem you’ve identified for your persona, and post them in your proposal document. 

Please describe each solution in a paragraph or approximately 5 bullet points -- you don’t need to go into every detail, but there should be enough explanation so that others can understand how the solution will work and think about its pros and cons.

Each solution should address, in a different way, the main need you have identified for your persona, as expressed in the POV statement you have crafted. (In response to feedback, some of you have found it necessary to refine or change your persona or POV statement, and that’s fine.)

The chemist Linus Pauling once said, “The best way to get a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.” Don’t simply put down the first three ideas you have. Refer to the “Imagine” cards in the Design Mindset deck as you come up with many ideas for solutions, and then choose three (or more, if you wish) viable and interesting solutions to put into your proposal document.

In looking at your three potential solutions, we want to see evidence that you’ve thought deeply and expansively about the nature of the problem, and that you’ve put effort into describing each potential solution clearly, showing how they are distinct from each other. 

We’re also looking here for evidence that you understand the nuances of the issue you’re addressing well enough that you can articulate solutions that utilize different starting points. Make sure that you allow yourself enough space to credibly describe each of your potential solutions, and note that you’ll ultimately be choosing one of these solutions, or (more likely) combining them into the core of your actual proposal.

Once you have posted your three solutions, please look at those posted by others, and respond with questions and suggestions.


If you’re co-authoring a proposal:

Be sure that both authors are editing the proposal document equitably, so that it’s clear when looking at the revision history that both people have been contributing. You should not include author names in the title of the document -- when both authors have made at least one edit to the document, they will both show up in the document as contributors.

Speaking of proposals....

Think of your proposal as a living document. You are highly encouraged to go back and revise any part of it as your thinking evolves. A document with many substantive revisions shows that you are taking risks, responding to feedback, and thinking actively about your proposal.