Local high school students organize rally to push for gun control

This past Saturday, more than 50 high school students, residents and local politicians gathered in downtown Ann Arbor to demand legislative action against gun violence. The Washtenaw Youth Initiative organized the rally is composed of students from 12 different high schools in Washtenaw County. "No one else has honestly been brining about change" one student said. The rally took place in the weeks folloiwng the passge of Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, a bill proposing new background check requirements prior to the exchange of a firearm between private parties. If been about 13 months since the Parkland shoot, which is just over a year, but still not forgotten. That being said, in places like Ann Arbor, where administration is flexible and willing to listen to students, progress can be made. T

his makes me think. In places where students are trying to make a change but do not have the faculty to support those changes, what can they do to implement a positive difference? To what extent does administration need to be overturned when not respecting the voices of its students when it comes to issues like such and beyond?