Operation Fix The Holes


Reference to a current Michigan bill or law that relates in some way to your proposal:


Why this proposal will make a difference in the lives of students of all ages across Michigan, or a significant subgroup (by age, background, economic status, and/or region, etc.) of students in Michigan:

This proposal will change the lives of all students and adults who can drive in michigan. This proposal will affect the age group of 16-80 years old. This will be beneficial to all economic status’ and regions in michigan.  It will help you save money every year with your car by not ruining rims on cars and breaking struts and sway bar links.

How and where did you learn about the issues underlying your proposal?

Personal experience driving on Michigan’s roads, crashing due to potholes, and having to pay for those repairs afterwards


CONSULTATION 1: dcsmail@rcoc.org: Oakland county road commissioner, no response

CONSULTATION 2: mail@livingstoncountyroads.org Livingston county road commissioner email, we received no response.

CONSULTATION 3: We called MDOT 517-373-2090

Potential Solutions:

SOLUTION 1: Move funding from overfunded schools

SOLUTION 2: Implement toll roads

SOLUTION 3: Cut funding from school sports and make players pay to play.

Reaction or advice from a Topic Coordinator:

Our coordinator suggested focusing on how we will fund our solutions, specifically saying “If michigan could snap its fingers and fix the roads, they would, but they have what they believe to be larger problems that could use the money instead.”

Research process:

    When researching michigan road conditions, we learned our road conditions are one of the worst in the nation, and that they are severely underfunded. Then we began looking at how we could raise money for roads, and saw that other states have toll roads that bring in millions for their roads. We looked at how much implementing tolls would be, as well as any alternatives for raising money. Then we thought of adding higher taxes to gas prices. We researched how much revenue a higher tax would generate, and compared it to how much funding toll booths would bring in. Lastly, we looked at solving the problem from another angle, increasing the quality of road repair with stronger materials.

Author contributions:

Kyle Ferris - Potential solutions and context and tried to email the livingston county the road commissioner and stayed in contact with Matt Chasin our Mentor

Justin Reder - Wrote Reactions from coordinator, research process, Counter arguments and costs and funding

Ryan Dean - Brainstormed toll booth proposal.

Tyler Hill - Joined in group discussions. Pothole survivor

Justin Klucevek -Emailed Oakland county commissioner and look up facts.

Adam Aiken - Looked up facts and came up with solutions for money to fix roads.

Nick Brown - Brainstormed facts and looked up info.

Ericka Krohn - Creative advice

===FORMAL PROPOSAL=== Preambulatory clauses

WHEREAS.... Higher average repair cost due to so many accidents and other damages caused by poor road conditions.

WHEREAS....Florida roads are clean and paved, whereas michigan roads are causing drivers $500 a year in damages.

WHEREAS.... Cost of neglected road repairs end up costing 7 times more to repair after 5 years

Operative clauses


1. Implement toll roads to raise money for increased road repair while lessening traffic, prolonging the life of a road

2. Save Michigan driver’s $100s in car maintenance and repair, which can then be taxed

3. Make Michigan roads safer and easier to maintain down the road


1. Toll roads will divert traffic to other roads, such as neighborhoods, increasing congestion in other areas

2. Slow down traffic just before toll roads because drivers have to stop to pay

3. Possible backlash as drivers do not like paying tolls

Costs and funding:

To pay for the implementation of toll roads, legislature should defund school sports and make them independent, not relying on government funding, allowing the government to save approximately $300 million a year to fund fixing roads.





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