Online Discussion ends and the MSC Platform is announced

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Online Discussion Ends

As of April 11th, required discussion posting on the site has ended.  At this stage, your attention should be focused on putting final touches on your proposal, based on feedback that you received this week, and your own sense of areas that need further development. In addition, please begin work on your final portfolio (portfolio template is here). Instructions for submitting your portfolio will be posted next week.

Our Platform

Based on the aggregate ratings and TC recommendations, the Winter 2017 MSC Platform is as follows:

Amy Ruben and Brianna Diener on Child Hunger

Cap on College Tuition Rates (Emily Slavkin and Zachary Manheimer)

Alex Sudolsky and Cole Greenberg's Proposal on Great Lakes Pollution

Zack Shandell and Brett Hollander on Educational Funding Disparity

MIP Verdicts as a Two-Tier Judgement System (Matthew Curtis)

Wasted Ugly Food (Jared Robins)

Childhood obesity in the state of Michigan (Rachel Korn & Emma Benzie)

Pollution in the Great Lakes- By Morgan Malone and Carly Skjodt

Jake Croman and Alex Ahdoot's Proposal on Car Dealership Restrictions

TCs will be contacting the authors of the above proposals with instructions about preparation for the hearing presentation. There will also be four proposals being presented in Lansing by Howell High School students in a special MSC showcase.

Later this week we will post detailed information about the hearing, but be sure to arrange transportation to Lansing for the morning of the 19th. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Lansing, and you will need to depart Ann Arbor by 7:30 am in order to give yourself enough time to arrive, park and get situated at the Capitol Building by 9:00 am.