Notes and Reminders

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Now that the Winter 2019 Michigan Student Caucus is fully underway, here are few notes and reminders:

- Thanks to everyone who has posted intriguing provocations and participated in the wide-ranging discussions currently going on around them. Provocations discussions will continue through next week. If you are in EDUC 362, be sure that by this Sunday night you have posted at least one provocation yourself. 

- EDUC 362 students should also keep in mind that the MINIMUM expectation for your online participation is multiple postings on the MSC site on at least 3 different days spread across every week. Right now your postings can include provocations you post yourself, comments on provocations posted by others, and replies to comments. Please be sure you have read the syllabus carefully, including the grading rubric, and holler if you have questions about any aspect of expectations for the course.

- We are working on scheduling our first set of town hall meetings, and we hope to have an update for you soon.

- A big welcome to students from Innovation Academy in Howell! They will be with us this semester and have started to join the discussion.