With a New Governor, What Comes Next?

Now that the state of Michigan has elected Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, to be the next governor, there is sure to be drastic changes to how the state is governed and operates. This will be especially true on the issue of climate change and environmental protection, as this has been one of the main pillars of Whitmer's campaign. Take a look at an excerpt from what her campaign had promised in regard to this issue below. Do you think this will actually happen? Are these issues important in the first place? And if so, does she detail a vision that you think will help the state? Looking forward to reading what you all think. (You can further explain her campaign site here).

As Governor, I am committed to:

  • Clean up our drinking water.

    As governor, I will fight to clean up Michigan’s drinking water, unlike the Snyder administration’s failures. My infrastructure plan will speed up the replacement of lead service lines across the state so every parent can turn on their tap, bathe their kids, and give them a glass at the dinner table.

  • Protect the Great Lakes

    Not just for our rich heritage, their pristine beauty, or the nearly one million jobs they help generate for our state, but because it is our responsibility as the stewards of over 20% of earth’s freshwater and the groundwater that goes with it. Some of my favorite memories include swimming in the Thornapple River, fishing off the dock in Onekama with my brother and sister, and climbing the dunes on Lake Michigan. Climate change has impacted our lakes by lowering water tables and stimulating massive algae blooms. We must also do more to prevent a more aggressive spread of invasive species like Asian carp and lampreys. We in Michigan are defined by our water, and it’s up to us to protect it.

  • Enter Michigan into the US Climate Alliance

    When the federal government withdrew the United States from the Climate Agreement, I called on Governor Snyder to join hundreds of mayors and a dozen governors across the nation in committing to lowering carbon emissions. He refused, but I won’t. I am committed to fighting for our air and water.