New Affordable Housing in Detroit

I did a lot of research on affordable and subsidized housing for my proposal and, during my research, I found this interesting article about new affordable housing developments in Detroit. The city announced plans about a year ago to spend $250 million to maintain 10,000 units and create 2,000 new units. The funding came from multiple different areas: $50 million in grants, $150 million in low-interest loans, and $50 million in public funds. I think that this is great because the public housing funds have been grossly underfunded for the last 20 years and, as a result, tons of affordable housing units have been torn down and not rebuilt. This issue is closely related to youth education because housing instability and homelessness have a direct, negative impact on a child's education. 

What are some of the specific impacts that housing instability has on education? What could schools do to help mitigate these effects? Does anyone have any information about how successful these plans have been in Detroit? For anyone that is interested, my proposal includes more information and statistics on this issue!