MVision fails on Sexual misconduct

Seth Goldstein (TC)'s picture

A few days ago, the Michigan Daily wrote a piece on the upcoming CSG election and specifically, how candidates from one platform were unable to address the problems of sexual misconduct at the University of Michigan. In the next few weeks, students at Michigan will vote for their next CSG president and vice president. Students were able to listen to the speeches made by party platforms aMplify, eMpower, momentUM, MVision and True Blue on a plethora of issues at the school. However, the Michigan Daily explained how the team of MVision failed to "adequately address the allegations of sexual violence that led to the IFC's two month suspension of all fraternity social activities". While the newspaper notes that no candidate was successful in providing a clear answer on how to change the sexual violence environment at the school, it was clear that MVision struggled the most. They failed to blame "directly the IFC's policies and Grek life culture" and "failed to provide adequate policy solutions to combating sexual misconduct within greek life." 

According the a study done by the university in 2015, almost 23% of female undergrads were victims of sexual assault, so this is obviously a very prevelant issue and one that needs to be addressed now.

Some questions to think about:

Did you attend the speeches of these candidates and if you did what were your thoughts on their stances on sexual misconduct?

Are you worried that no candidates were able to come with good ideas to change the current state of sexual violence at the school?

Is sexual assaults in greek life a problem?

What are some ways in which we can stop sexual assaults from occuring in frats?

What solutions can you come up with that deter sexual violence from occurring at Michigan?