Mueller report denied from being released

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The Mueller report cleared the house after a unanimous vote, 420-0, to make it public to the American people. However, Lindsey Graham, a senator, refused to amend the house passed decision. The American people want not much more than to see the Mueller report become public. Graham is a close ally of Trump. His actions and his alliance with Trump is leaving a bad image with many people. This Article talks about the most recent developments of the investigations treck through the House. Senate minority leader Charles Schumer confronted Graham about his decision and claimed that he was following a pretext and was not thinking in the best interest of the public. At the moment, Mueller is required to submit a final draft of his investigation to Attourney General William Barr. Barr is then the one to decide whether to release this information publically. This article raised several questions for me. Who is to decide if the public should be able to see something? Will the full findings of the report ever come out? Will any parts of the report be visible by the public, and if so will many parts be so heavily redacted that the public is not able to find a solid stance (like the Watergate Scandal). Does the government have a right to keep major information from the people? I am interested to hear what others think about the report and the issues surrounding it.