MSC Platform, and important instructions for EVERYONE this week

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Based on the cumulative ratings by MSC members and the recommendations of the TCs and faculty, the following proposals have been entered into the Winter 2020 MSC Platform:

Unified Charter School Application Website (Drew Arson) 

Childhood Literacy in Michigan (Grace Wroldsen)

Increase in Vaccination Refusal (Sarahi Mercado) 

Transportation in Michigan (Dhruv Thakkar) 

After School Programs in Michigan Pre-Proposal (Briana Morigney) 

Creating Summer Meals for Children (Cameron Beginin)

ALL AUTHORS, whether or not your proposal is named above, should prepare a 2-3 minute video presentation of your proposal (details below). If you have worked with a partner on your proposal, please work together to make ONE video for the proposal. 

The proposals above will be included in the formal hearing as follows: For each proposal in the platform, panelists will watch the video, the author will have 1 minute for brief summary remarks, and panelists will have 4 minutes to ask questions to the author. Videos for proposals not in the platform will also be made available to the panel, but they will not be discussed during the hearing.

Instructions for preparing your video:

  • Submit a draft or script of your video no later than this Wednesday, April 15, uploaded to this Google Folder.

  • Be sure to include:

  • Why the issue is important to students in Michigan

  • The particular problem you are addressing

  • The key elements of your solution

  • In the simplest form, your video can be a set of slides with a voice over. A slide template is here.

  • You may, if you wish, include images or other media in your video. If you do so, be sure to properly credit any media that you did not create yourself.

  • There is a strict 3-minute limit to your video. Be sure to stick to just 2 or 3 of your most important points. The panel will have your full formal proposal to look at, so you don’t need to include every detail.

Please note: now that the rating period is over, you may (and are encouraged to) continue  editing your proposal.  Please make any changes to the text no later than Monday, April 20, so that we can compile the formal proposals into a packet for the panelists.

Finally, so that everyone can concentrate on the proposal videos this week, we are extending the deadline for your final portfolio. It is now due Wednesday, April 29.