MSC Hearing in Lansing

Dec 12 2019, 11:00am - 12:30pm EST

The hearing will take place roughly as follows:

At 11:00am, the chair of the Special Commission on Civic Engagement, Representative Sarah Anthony (District 68, Lansing), will call the meeting to order and introduce the commission members and representatives from the various state agencies. The MSC faculty (Michael and Jeff) will offer the panelists a very brief background on MSC, and will introduce the agenda for the hearings.

The first agenda item will be a brief presentation of the "Instagram" slides. (Authors of these slides will be recognized but do not need to prepare anything for the presentation). The topic coordinators will then briefly summarize the three "special mention" proposals. (Authors of these proposals also do not need to prepare anything for the presentation.)

Following this, the topic coordinators will introduce the author(s) of each resolution that has PASSED into the platform. The authors will then spend NO MORE THAN 3 MINUTES explaining the underlying problem they addressed, and the specifics of their proposed solution. Authors should be concise, including a few carefully chosen, specific facts and statistics, and above all be prepared to thoughtfully answer questions in a highly-informed way. The panelists will have the text of each proposal, so authors do not need to go over every detail. The panel will have 5 minutes to ask questions about each proposal.



Samantha Striar