More welcomes; Provocations; Town Hall events

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First of all, we'd like to extend a very warm welcome to MSC participants from Innovation Academy in Howell, the Eagle Scholars program in South Redford, and Summers-Knoll School in Ann Arbor. We're eager to hear your perspectives and ideas!

Second, thanks to all who have contributed to the Provocations discussions so far. This week, please begin to find and post your own provocations, and UM EDUC 362 students, be sure to post one of your own no later than this Thursday. See the Provocations group description for guidelines.

Third, we have listed several "Counts as a Town Hall" events. EDUC 362 students must attend at least 2 town halls (including "counts as" events) during the semester, and do not delay -- it's much more useful to go to these now as you are exploring issues, and while we plan to list more, there's no guarantee that there will be events available in the later part of the semester. Please read the event descriptions carefully for details and advance readings, and be sure to click the "attend" button if you plan to go.

Finally, EDUC 362 students should be reaching out to service organizations from the approved service opportunities list and arranging to do at least 15 hours of activity with that organization. Please contact the organizations directly and schedule service based on your availability and their needs. (We try to keep the list updated, but not all organizations may be taking volunteers right now.) Your service activity should begin no later than October 1, and you should have the bulk of your hours completed by mid-November, if possible, so that your experiences can inform your proposal. You will report on your plans in a “service check-in” (also due October 1), and in your final portfolio.