Mobile Solutions via Technology


Ford Motor company is partnering with Ann Arbor to launch a data analysis program to explore mobile solutions for the city. This consists of an interactive 3D display of the cities buildings, parking, and transit, as well as a feature that lights up in conjested areas. Just because Ann Arbor is a mid-sized city, doesn't mean that we don't experience "large scale problems." The goal of this platform is to "engage mobility date in one place and explore various solutions virtually before we implement them in the read world," said the founder Wheatley. Living in Ann Arbor for the past 3 years, I can see that the roads here are a huge problem. There is very little light on some streets, as well as pedestrians walking where ever they please. In this article it is said that, "We need to make sure that pedestrians and vehicles understand the roads are there for everyone." They have started out with introducing a protected bike lane later in the year. Do you think using this technology will help with keeping the roads safer for both the driver and the pedestrian? What do you think of this new technology, and do you see any negatives to this program?