MIP Law Change

In the state of Michigan, there is a law called a Minor in Possession or a MIP. This law was once a Misdemeanor that would give a person under the age of 21 a criminal record with probation up to 6 months. You could get charged with a MIP if you either were holding an open bottle of liquor or you have consumed liquor. This law is especially prevalent to kids our age since we are still under the age of 21 and alcohol becomes a socially acceptable activity in your early years of college. 

Recently, the State of Michigan actually changed this law from a criminal charge to a state civil infraction which is basically the equivalence to a parking ticket. This law allows kids to basically get a warning before getting criminally charged (https://www.fosterswift.com/communications-Michigan-MIP-First-Offense-Civil.html). Since many of us students personally know people who have been effected by this law, I was curious to see what everyone thought about this law change and its effect on youth drinking. I was wondering what you think the government could do to make this law more effective and actually stop underage drinking from occurring. Some things to consider when composing your potential solutions and answers.....

Do you guys believe that the MIP law itself can reduce drinking amongst kids, or do you think that it only makes kids more prone to binge drinking? Do you think this law change is a step in the right direction or did you like the old law better? Do you like the old law better than the revised one? If you could modify the MIP law, would kind of punishements would you enforce? I look forward to hearing everybody's responses.