Michigan's Tampon Tax

Article: https://www.mlive.com/news/2019/02/efforts-to-end-tampon-tax-revived-in-michigan-legislature.html

Recently the House has introduced a few bills this week that would make tampons, pads and other menstrual products exempt from Michigan's sales and use tax. Currently, all medically neccesary items, such as prescriptions, are exempt from Michigan's 6 percent sales and use tax. However, menstrual products are not considered neccessary and thus don't fit into this legislation. Women already suffer from vast amounts of economic disparities, such as the gender wage gap, surely they shouldn't have to pay extra money just to take care of their reproductive health. Do you think that tampons should be taxed? Do you think that this is a nuanced form of sexism? Do you think that this is an unnecessary financial burden, aimed to discriminate against women or merely an interpretation that tampons are not a necessary item, such as medicine or food?