Justice System Reform Steps

Michigan youth in the juvenile justice system don’t have the luxury of time. 


This article lays out the necessary steps that need to be taken to update and reform the juvenile justice system. It also lays out who is responsible for the change within the state. Are these 6 steps enough for complete reform? - 

  1. Establish a statewide data collection system so that it is possible to track youths’ progression through the justice system, analyze decision points for equity, and track outcomes;
  2. Expand the use of diversion and strengthen partnerships with child welfare and behavioral health systems;
  3. Ensure access to quality legal representation for youth;
  4. Enact a statewide trauma-informed risks and needs assessment system to ensure that youth are matched to the appropriate services;
  5. Offer evidence-based treatment and services that are developmentally-appropriate, trauma-informed, rehabilitative in nature, and based in the community; and,
  6. Limit the prosecution of youth in the adult criminal justice system and prohibit the placement of anyone under 18 in adult jails and prisons.