Michigan Trucking

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Michigan's heavy trucks catch flak for roads, but they are few and far between

The above article details an interesting dilemma currently facing the Michigan infrastructure system. As Michigan residents we are all aware of the terrible conditions of the roadways, and a large reason for this is due to the poor trucking standards enforced by the Michigan government and the high maximum weight limits. In fact, the article points out that, "Michigan has the highest truck weight limits in the U.S. and trucks exceeding 80,000-pound limit make up 6 percent of tractor-trailers". 

However, the issue is that the majority of these trucks with high weight are carrying materials to fix the roads. So while some may contend that these trucks above the 80,000 pound limit are causing the degradation of the roads, these trucks also play a crucial role in maintaining the roads. How do you think the government can adequately address this vicious cycle?

One thing the Michigan government is considering in order to better maintain the roadways is a $2.5 billion fuel tax increase. This will effectively increase the funds the government has to fix the pothole ridden roads. Do you think this is a fair method for the government to undertake? How else can they get the needed funding?