Michigan residents warned about local health department phone scams

Phone scams have long been an issue, as people try to pose as banks or pretend to be insurance companies in order to steal ones information. This article discusses how there has been an uptick in fake health departments calling Michigan residents and trying to steal their information, something they call "spoofing." The "spoofers" have attempted to steal people's social security numbers, Medicaid account information, and credit card numbers. Although this may not seem like big news, many times younger kids can get tricked by these scammers and unknowingly reveal information. Thus, is there anything we can do to help educate people more about the dangers of these "spoofers"? How can we prevent scammers to continue to operate?

Link: https://www.mlive.com/news/2019/11/michigan-residents-warned-about-local-health-department-phone-scams.html