Michigan prison takes a gentler tack with mentally ill

In late 2019, Michigan opened The Woodland Center Correctional Facility. This correctional facility houses mentally ill inmates and works to reform them through an extensive process that includes education, counseling, physical activity, and various other rehabilitation methods. This article explains that the prison is structured more like a school and is viewed as a place for learning and self-development as opposed to punishment and maltreatment. This facility is one of the various examples of the US implementing different prison reforms structured to aid the mentally ill and prepare them to re-enter the world in a better mindset. The article explains how this prison mimics prisons in Norway that have shown to be extremely effective in rehabilitation. I believe that this is a great approach to take because the status-quo of the American Prison system is disappointing.

I have attached the link below. What do you guys think? How can the prison system be reformed? Do you believe that these rehabilitation centers will be effective? What effect will this have on the re-entering of convicts into society? Should Michigan continue to open up more prisons that resemble this one?