No more health and gym requirements?!

Michigan Legislature weighs dropping high school health, gym requirements. 

"A state requirement that high school students take classes in health and physical fitness might soon vanish in many Michigan schools."

State Senate Jon Bumstead said that shrinking the list of courses required for graduation allows schools to better prepare students who are not college-bound by allowing them to be more flexible in their approach to education. However, health advocates highly disagree with his claim and state that reducing health and physical fitness to an elective will be for the worse. An interesting point this article brings up is that our generation of students suffers a lot from mental health issues and have high rates of anxiety, suicide, and depression, and health and physical fitness in school might be there only way to get it out. In addition, Michigan has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity, so in reality, they should be enforcing more physical fitness and health not reducing the importance.

I have played sports all throughout middle-school and high-school and could not imagine being exempt from gym class because of this. The State of Michigan requires high-school students to complete one credit hour to graduate from high school. Something I disagree with is that individuals can get out of the new one credit hour of physical education if they play on a sports team because the one credit subject hour also includes health, not just physical education. 

Do you think it is okay that students who play on a sports team are exempt from having to complete one credit hour that includes both health and physical education?