Michigan Lacking...

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Michigan Lacking Counselors I think that Naina's proposal should definitely be considered for presenting in Lansing next week. In our day and age, more kids suffer than ever from mental health issues, something that is well documented in the media. I believe that it is essential to give these students the proper tools to combat these issues and Naina's proposal does this. I think it is great how Naina relates her personal experiences in this field to the proposal she is working on and it makes for a stronger case as you can see the effort she put in. I also appreciate how it is similar in a way to Dylan and my own proposal as we are seeking to add an additional counselor into schools to combat the negative effects of social media. As she points out, counselors do not act as therapists, however for those who are scared to approach adults, which many teenagers often are, counselors who are more integrated into the school can help provide the resources necessary for these kids to succeed and overcome any issues they face.