Michigan’s Preventable Deaths

Recently, studies have shown that preventable deaths - deaths from drugs, alcohol and suicide in Michigan - are supposed to increase by 44 percent in the next decade. Obviously to prevent all of these deaths is impossible, but it is alarming that so many of these deaths occur annually and even daily. 

The reason why I am bringing this to the caucus is solely because they are preventable and basically the people that are dying for these reasons are doing it to themselves. Through policy changes and education, I believe that these preventable deaths can be limited. 

This specifically applies to youth because alcohol, drug related and suicidal problems are all very prevalent amongst youth. This means that we can save children’s lives. After reading this post and reading these alarming statistics, I am curious what is your initial reaction? How do you think the government could approach this problem? Do you think education would create a bigger difference then policy change? Will it cost the state money?

I look forward to hearing your responses.