Is Mental Health the Next Focus of the School Safety Debate?

As children get older, schools often have health classes that help create a discussion about sexual education. These classes often discuss how hormones are changing, and most schools even have a talk with the girls about periods,etc. However, it seems that anxiety, depression, adhd, and other mental illnesses or disorders are increasing in teens and young adults (or at least, they are more prevelant). 

However, there is a lot of debate about how these issues should be handled in school. Should these topics be discussed in a more required/health class manner? How much funding should be focused on school social workers or psychiatrists?

I know that many people at the University of Michigan have discussed that CAPS is not the most helpful resource- that it is too hard to get an appointment, it is understaffed, they only focus on quick fixes rather than actually get kids the help they need, etc. However, I have also heard good things about this school resource.

How extensive should school resources be? Should these resources increase as students get older/ as life stresses increase and/or when should students be educated in school about these problems and to what extent?

The website below discusses the procautions that should be taken for school safety and how schools should raise awareness for mental health.