Media Artifacts, Town Halls and our Hearing Date

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Media Artifact--Due on Sunday

Your Media Artifact is due at the end of the night this Sunday, February 18. Please see the syllabus for a description, and this screencast for how to post it.

What is the purpose of a media artifact?

To provide enough background on a broader issue of importance to young people in Michigan that someone can grasp it quickly and understand its significance, and to do so in an accessible, compelling way.

Is my media artifact about my proposal?

No. It’s meant to lay the groundwork for your proposal, which you’ll develop over the coming weeks, by providing an understanding of the larger theme/issue area in which your proposal idea best fits. To put it another way, the media artifact should define the problem…you’ll work on the solution later.

What form should it take?

You can make a video, create a podcast or a radio news report, or write a journalistic article that could be published in a magazine or a news website.

Can I see some examples?

Why, of course….a link to some artifacts from previous years and other models is right HERE.

Anything else?

Check the syllabus for more detail, and know that if you’re co-authoring a proposal, you should only post your proposal (with your media artifact or a link to it included) once. Once again, your media artifact must be posted on the MSC site by February 18th. The media artifact (or a link to it) should be included in the proposal document that you'll open...see the POSTING YOUR MEDIA ARTIFACT screencast for more details.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your artifact is shared properly so it can be viewed by ANYONE, not just people with umich addresses.

We’d like to emphasize that a good media artifact should:

  • Be a broad overview of an issue.

  • Lay out the problem, not the solution (this is not your proposal).

  • Be on a topic that is likely to lead to your proposal eventually.

  • Be an original work (not a mashup of existing media), though it can include properly cited images, videos, sound, quotes, etc. from other sources.

  • Explain why the issue is of importance to students in Michigan.

  • Include evidence to back up assertions.

  • Be in a creative format, in order to engage other MSC members.

  • Be Michigan-focused

  • Include (ideally) at least one consultation (for example, as an interview within the artifact)

  • Not assume any particular knowledge by audience about the issue.

(Thanks to the TC group for these points!)


The MSC hearing will take place from 9:00-10:30am on Wednesday, April 18, in the State Capitol building in Lansing. More details as the date approaches!

Town Hall Meeting News

1) High tech upgrade! For future town halls, we ask that you submit your question on the readings by the evening before the town hall via a google form. Look in the event listing for a link.

2) Sara Saylor’s town hall, schedule for Wednesday, February 14th, has been postponed--we’ll keep you posted about rescheduling.

3) Brian Steglitz’s Town Hall on Infrastructure will take place on Tuesday, February 20th at 5:30 in 1322 School of Education. Sign up HERE

4) Jenny Kinne and Julie Cassidy will speak about social determinants of health on Wednesday, February 21th at 5:00 in 1322 School of Education. Sign up HERE