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Hey everyone- I know there may be a bit of confusion regarding the Media Artifacts, as you are all new to this, and so here I will share the artifacts I used from last semester when I worked on my proposal. I proposed to mandate helmets for motorcyclists, as the the Michigan legislature had repealed this mandate back in 2012. I also proposed a way to shift overall liability on the roads: as it stands, drivers share liability with motorcyclists who choose not to wear helmets, which is something I sought to change.

Anyway, the idea of the Media Artifact is to draw attention/awareness to your issue to set the tone for an engaging proposal down the road, and also to help inform the caucus about your issue. Whether or not you have the exact idea behind your proposal figurd out, try to be broad with the media artifacts to address the entire issue at hand. As you can see from the Artifacts I've attached below, last semester I chose to interview a Motorcycle Gang Member to get his opinion on the issue. Additionally, I raised awareness about the issue through creating a short but impactful video. You should try to be even broader than I was. You should refrain from using Prezis/Powerpoint Slides, and make sure that in your interview you ask questions that will help inform the members of the Caucus about your issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to direct message me on the site, or respond on this discussion thread. Thank you. 

Short Video to Raise Awareness/Grab Attention

Interview with Motorcycle Gang Member Adam Rosenberg to help Inform the Caucus 

Also take a look at this google document for help on creating the artifact:

Artifact Resources