Media artifact, proposal check, TC advice, and more

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Media artifact reminder

Your media artifact is due this Friday. Keep in mind that the point of the media artifact is to inform your MSC peers about some issue: something that’s surprising, thought-provoking, or question-raising. This is a chance for you to synthesize different perspectives and angles on a particular issue, or highlight controversies. You don’t have to solve the problem yet, just start to describe it.

Proposal Check (EDUC 362 students only)

EDUC 362 students can sign up here for a Proposal Check meeting with MSC faculty. Slots start next week and go through an extended end-date of March 13. Feel free to sign up for an early slot, and then again later if necessary. (Please see the course syllabus for information on the items to be covered in the proposal check.)

Looking ahead: Primary Persona and POV statement

What’s next after the media artifact, you ask? Why, it’s the Primary Persona and POV statement, of course. Having taken an in-depth look with your media artifact at some major issue facing students in Michigan, your next step will be to start narrowing your focus and choose a composite person (“persona”) related to the issue described in your media artifact in some way, so that you can work to meet that person’s needs. See the syllabus for more information, and look for an on this in an announcement later this week.

Town Hall Field Trip

For the adventurous and curious among you, this week’s town hall features an on-site tour of the Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant with Manager Brian Steglitz who will walk us through the plant’s operations and answer any questions you have about water quality as well as broader questions concerning infrastructure in Michigan.  (See Events on the MSC website for details regarding location and transport and be sure to click “Attend” if you plan on coming to this or any other event.)

Advice from your friendly TC’s  

There have been a number of great, thought-provoking posts across the topic areas. Remember, though, you should be caucusing, which means that you should be speaking and responding to each other (not just the person who initiated the discussion, and not the instructors). For their part, what the instructors value (at grading time and in general) is the extent to which you interact with other MSC members and have real conversations. As part of this, be sure to read all comments in a thread before responding, so that you don’t just repeat points that have already be made.

Speaking of TCs...Starting this week, check the Events section for TC office hours.