Marijuana Legalization: The Key to Fixing Crumbling Roads?

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In November, Michigan residents will be voting whether to legalize Marijuana in the state; It is expected to pass. I would like to continue the discussion on potholes and road funding, but now zoning in on if this upcoming legislation will help the funding, and what other benefits and risks there are surrounding the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Some figures:

- The Michigan budget is around $57 billion per year

- This legislation would likely generate tax revenue of about $57 million in the first year, with a growth to around $130 million by the time this market matures in 2024. 

- About 35% of these marijuana tax revenues will go towards fixing our roads

- According to MDOT, the cost to improve roads is about $1 million per lane. In a best case scenario, 35 miles of one lane of roads would be improved thanks to this new tax

Back to the Issue:

What is your opinion on this legislation? Would you vote Yes or No? Is it a good first step or does this small amount of revenue not outweigh the costs of legalizing a drug that some consider a problem in society? Please consider all aspects of the issue - for example - How this will affect the funding that goes into prosecuting Marijuana-related crimes and why people are voting for this law in the first place. 

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