Response to threat of active shooter

Nick Davis's picture

On March 15th, panic was spread across the campus of the University of Michigan as there were reports of an active shooter somewhere around the diag. Police soon arrived to respond to the reports, but the confusion continued for hours. There were accounts of many other “active shooters” and individuals possessing weapons around the campus. Initial reports stated that there were three shooters with two apprehended. During the mayhem, reports continued to file in such as a man in a trench coat on State Street possessing a gun, shots being fired on South U, and a suspicious man carrying a duffle bag to different houses. If this weren’t enough, the fire alarm was pulled in the library and the person on the PA system was giving information inconsistent with what the police wanted. While all this panic ended up being sparked by the popping of balloons, it gave an interesting insight into how a situation such as this would be dealt with. I’m interested to hear if people thought that this situation was well handled and if universities should have some sort of drill to prepare students for a real incident.