Controversy of Traveling to Obtain a Good Education

For many families in Detroit, education is not accessible. Some people have to journey to be able to get their kids educated for nearly 100 miles, for access to a basic education. Many of the cities options to bring your kids to better schools is cut by the lack of transportation that the city provides. Kids are often too far from a good school and cannot afford the means to travel elsewhere which sets them back from obtaining a good education. In this article, it mentions two families who sacrifice everything to get access to good schools for their kids. One quote and a reason that this need for transportation is that “One of the outcomes of schools closing and kids having to go farther and farther away from home is it’s much more difficult for the school to create bonds with families that would serve to support school improvements,”. 195 Detriot schools have been closed in the past 15 years and enrollments have been more than halved. In this same time period, 100 charter schools opened, but barely any were opened in these districts where the schools were closed. The schools that are close fall under the bottom percentile of schools in Detriot, Michigan and America as a whole. I am opening this up to the caucus to see what solutions you think can be provided to the people of these neighborhoods in which they want better access to education for their kids. Can the city implement a transportation system to get these kids proper education? Can there be ways to open these charter schools in less affluent areas of detriot? I am curious to here what ideas the Caucus has on this.