"Making New Jobs" May Not be the Answer... What is?

"The number of Americans claiming new unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level since 1973, signaling continued health in the labor market", says the Wall Street Journal. Unemployment is at an all time low, yet income disparity remains at a growing all time high. One can easily see that more money is moving to the rich. Based off of this statistic one can infer that maybe infrastructure spending to create more jobs is not the answer. We need higher quality jobs with higher pay, or more equitable payment systems. We have gone through almost a semester's worth of solutions, thoughts, and debates, and now I am really curious to hear... what is the right solution? Do any of you stand strongly with better education? Maybe taking from the wealthy and spreading that out? What opinions and perspectives have you developed, and how can you use that in either your proposal or future as a Michigan resident?