Making Housing More Accessible

Michigan Student Caucus Proposal   Part 1: BACKGROUND AND RESEARCH PROCESS  Context


  1. What is a current bill or law that relates in some way to your proposal?


HB 4190


  1. How would this bill make a difference in the lives of students across Michigan? It would stop people from having fake emotional support animals.


  1. How and where did you learn about the issues underlying your proposal? By reading the bill

  2. Link to your media artifact(s) giving background on the issue: (This is not related to my research.)


Research process


  1. To whom did you talk about this issue to learn more?


My teachers.


  1. What did you initially think about your topic and how did your thinking change over time? 


I thought it was an open and shut problem. Now, I have to account for much more.


  1. What was the most significant article/video/report/website that you used and how did it impact your research?


It did not impact my research that much overall, but it gave me an idea of how much the difference in wealth is.

  Part 2: FORMAL PROPOSAL due  Preambulatory clauses

These set up the PROBLEM, not the solution.

WHEREAS.... An average family must make $68,140 on average to live comfortably in Ann Arbor.

WHEREAS....  Many people cannot afford to pay for a home. As of January, 2016 a total of 342 people were recorded as homeless, luckily, that number is falling steadily.

WHEREAS.... Those who can pay for a home may not have much, if any money at all left to buy food or pay bills, and risk eviction.

(Add more "Whereas" clauses if necessary.)

Operative clauses

These describe in detail, the solution you are proposing (not the problem itself; those should go in the "Whereas" clauses above).


1. Build affordable housing 

2. Slightly raise minimum wage

3. Lower rent

(Add more "Resolved" clauses if necessary.)


What are three reasonable arguments against this proposal?

1. It could raise the costs of things you buy

2. It could damage the economy

3. It could offend “the 1%”

Costs and funding:
  1. What are some costs associated with your proposal? 

It’s housing. Pretty self explanatory

  1. How will you pay for your proposed bill? From what sources could the funding come?


  1. Who (people or groups) might object to funding your proposal?




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