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Responding to media artifacts

Starting tomorrow, please look at other caucus members’ artifacts and offer feedback in the comments area below the various proposal pages -- the Topic Coordinators will be contributing comments as well.  

Persona and POV Statement

The next major milestone in your proposal-crafting is the Persona and POV Statement, due no later than October 20. Having taken an in-depth look at a major issue facing students in Michigan and sharing what you have found in your Media Artifact, your next step will be to start narrowing your focus and choose a composite person (“persona”) related to the issue described in your media artifact in some way, so that you can work to meet that person’s needs. See this document for a detailed explanation. Remember: you’re still focusing on defining the problem, not coming up with solutions yet. 

At this point, you (together with your co-author, if you have one) will need to start a new proposal document, following the “proposals” tab in the relevant topic area. Please do not put your name(s) into the title of the proposal -- the title should describe the topic only. (Don't worry, you can edit the title at any time.) If you are co-authoring your proposal, editing the document once will add your name as a contributor on the page, and we will know that the proposal is yours. The proposal document comes with an outline template; you will include your Persona and POV Statement in the appropriate section of your proposal document.


Now would be a good time to start identifying and contacting consultants (some of you have already done this for your media artifact -- you can include those). By way of reminder, you are meant to engage consultants in substantive discussion regarding your proposal’s need, scope, practicality, and likely impact on the lives of students in Michigan. Consultations should be with three people outside of the MSC who have specialized knowledge or insight about your  issue (including but not limited to professionals, professors, government officials, and community leaders). Bear in mind that a consultant’s experience and/or expertise can also be invaluable in helping you streamline your research process and make it more efficient.

MSC Instagram…

...is coming back! Please follow @michiganstudentcaucus. Due dates, advice from the TCs, and other wonderful things are in store.

EDUC 362 students: Proposal Check-In Meetings (rescheduled) 

Proposal check-in meetings with faculty will take place by appointment between October 21 and November 1; you can find the sign up sheet for appointments here. If you are working with a co-author, you must schedule a check in for the same time together. (As the purpose of these meetings is to provide feedback for the development of your proposals, we strongly recommend your scheduling this as early as possible within the above time frame.) 

TC Office Hours

Devin and James will continue to post occasional office hours, but they invite you to also contact them directly via email or through the MSC site (click on their name and then "Send this user a private message") to set up an appointment.