Facing Reality

A lot of the posts in this section are about the affects of social media and how it has really taken over our lives. I found this article on Global News that discusses the affects for people who decided to DELETE their social media accounts, and how their lives have changed since then from it. One person interviewed shares that they are a lot happier without social media. He added that "I choose not be be apart of this whole world because I see in other people the negative feedback cycle of being on social media. I've read the reports about how people feel sad on social media... and I just don't want to make that part of my life". The article discusses a lot of the positive impacts people have had from getting offline. It helps people actually face reality and not view all of this fake world in pictures on social media. In addition, it has helped with higher self esteem and positive mindsets. I'm curious if people think this would be possible for them to do individually, or if they don't think they would be able to remove themselves/how it would affect them? Do you think that if people around us at the University of Michigan did this it would be a much healthier and interactive environment overall? https://globalnews.ca/news/4669640/deleting-social-media/