Gender Rights

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A lot of attention has been drawn to Google's previous Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance's 10-page anti-diversity article that was sent to all Google employees which was eventually leaked into the public. This article articulates one individuals' opinions on the differences within Google and why some diversity barriers will be difficult to break due to social norms.

One of the barriers discussed is the "Possible non-bias causes of the gender gap in tech." The article notes the main reason for the gap is biological differences, not a socially constructed issue. Do you think this is a large stretch and the issue of the tech gap is socially constructed or do you think this is a valid point? Also, "Personality Differences" is mentioned to be an attributor to the gap by naming openness, extraversion, and neuroticism to be negative characteristics in tech. Do you think these characteristics negatively affect women in tech and do you think it attributes to the gap? I would love to hear everyones input on this matter.